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2005 Volkswagen Golf Speed

The Golf Speed study, with its Lamborghini finish colors and many accessories has been causing a stir for months. It comes from young Volkswagen apprentices, who skillfully refined the Golf and with that not only convinced their supervisors. The response from drivers, that have seen the "orange speed" and "yellow speed" colored Golf-studies at trade shows, in the Car city and in the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, was so overwhelming, that a limited edition of one hundred Golf yellow speed and Golf orange speed each is being manufactured.

Multicolor plays a main role: exclusive colors from our subsidiary Lamborghini ("giallo midas" and "arancio borealis") ensure that the Golf yellow speed and Golf orange speed can be noticed as special members of the Golf family, even from far away. Four-color coats, applied by hand, ensure a one of a kind multi-faceted brilliance, which is particularly emphasized in the sunlight and from different angles.

Additionally, there are almost endless details: just like the Golf R32 the Golf Speed has an exhaust system with a double end pipe in the middle. In the front the shining chrome grille and chrome outside mirrors also stand out. The dynamic overall impression is underlined even more through the rear spoiler and the broadened body colored sillboards as well as the 18" alloy wheels.

The side and rear windows are tinted. The later is additionally cleaned, so for optical reasons the rear windshield wiper with spray nozzle was omitted. Just like with the R32, the rear lights are darker than in the series and stand out in a cherry red from the particular paint color.

The interior has a modified top sport seat system like the GTI, but here with seat covers made of leather and alcantara. The exquisite leather decor is furnished with coordinated decor stitching, which guarantees an even more exclusive impression. Also taken from the GTI is the sport steering wheel in leather. Next to the decor stitching, the steering wheel clasp is a special eye-catcher, in the respective color the name yellow speed or orange speed as well as the exclusivity guaranteeing production number is engraved.

The black roof liner as well as the aluminum application in the instrument cluster, the footrest and the pedals round off the sporty-exquisite impression of the interior. Furthermore on the technical side there are a sport chassis lowered by ca. 15 mm, fog lights and heatable front seats that come standard.

The Golf Speed is either powered by a 2,0-FSI-Aggregate FSI with 110 kW / 150 hp or the 2,0 TDI with 103 kW / 140 hp with 6-gear transmission. The turbo-diesel direct-fuel-injection can be ordered optional with the sporty double clutch system DSG.

Volkswagen offers a specialty for pick-up customers. You can see how the Golf Speed is made by hand. In the plant the clients are handed the steering wheel clasp with the corresponding number between 1 and 100. The engraved clasp is installed upon its delivery in the Autostadt, so when a Golf Speed receives its individual identification it is witnessed by its owner.