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2003 Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Touran

The Volkswagen Touran is a compact MPV based on a vertically stretched fifth generation of the Volkswagen Golf and sold in Europe and some other selected markets. It was launched in 2003 to fill a perceived gap in Volkswagen's model lineup below their large MPV, the Sharan. The vehicle is delivered in a 2, 5 or 7 seat version. It can be considered an extended version of the Golf Plus, since their front-end are similar in size, and the Touran is 20 cm longer (and therefore a seven-seater, while the Golf Plus is a five-seater). In some areas, like Japan, the car is called Golf Touran.


+ 1.4 TSI — 140 hp
+ 1.6 — 102 hp
+ 1.6 FSI — 115 hp
+ 2.0 FSI — 150 hp
+ 1.9 TDI — 90 or 105 hp (diesel)
+ 2.0 TDI — 136/140 hp (diesel)
+ 2.0 TDI — 170 hp (diesel)
+ 2.0 EcoFuel — 109 hp (lpg)

The diesel models of the Touran offer significantly higher readings for miles per gallon. Given the proper conditions, it is possible to achieve 60 mpg in a diesel Touran. The car is delivered with a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, Tiptronic automatic transmission (only in 1.6-version) or the Direct-Shift Gearbox automatic transmission.