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2001 Volkswagen Microbus Concept

Volkswagen Microbus Concept

The Volkswagen Microbus Concept Car (also known as the Volkswagen New Microbus and Volkswagen Microbus Concept) was a concept car created by Volkswagen. This concept car was supposed to be a modern version of the original Volkswagen Microbus. This new Microbus was first shown at the 2001 North American International Auto Show. It was scheduled to go into production, but was cancelled in early 2005. Volkswagen was reportedly redesigning the front fascia, and intended to set a future release. In November 29, 2005, "The AIADA newsletter reported that Bloomberg said that Chrysler will build minivans for Volkswagen AG at its South plant in St. Louis."

Although the new Microbus was never exactly tested with its engine, the design of the Microbus was very modern compared to its predecessor. The Microbus featured a 7-inch screen located in the center console, which allowed passengers to watch television, as in many of today's modern vehicles. A second 7-inch screen was located towards the roof. This screen allowed the driver to see what was behind the vehicle. This technology has been recently used in several production cars.